Coordination Questionnaire for Therapist Administration

Access The Coordination Questionnaire (DCDQ) here for ages 5-15.  For the Little Questionnaire, the site requests a $50 fee, ages 3 and 4. The test publishers report good psychometrics (overall sensitivity = 85%; overall specificity = 71%) and recommend only sending page 1 and page 2 to parents for completion.  Page 3 is the scoring page for therapists.  I find this helpful to guide families with children that I suspect have Developmental Coordination Disorder.  This test fulfills one of the criteria (category B) for a DSM IV diagnosis of DCD and further assists me in my clinical decision making process in referring the family and child to a neurologist for a full evaluation and diagnosis.


Find the site here.

Find a PDF of the questionnaire below to send to parents:

Developmental Questionnaire


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